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Note: Final loan approval is subject to underwriting, appraisal, and property inspection.

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This week we’ve reposted one of our favorite guests. Anthony Turdo, Chief Underwriter at American Life Financial. He shares with our audience the importance of Thinking Out of the Box when it comes to underwriting!
The Let's Talk series is based on an interview format where top professionals from the commercial real estate industry; lenders, brokers are asked to explain such topics as soft money, private money, borrowers bankruptcy, rates and third party fees. Brokers and lenders share stories about obstacles they may have encountered and how they've overcome them.

It's a must see for any commercial real estate professional or those thinking of a career in commercial real estate.

Here at American Life Financial we love to talk about ourselves and our programs but we’ve learned that no one wants to hear it from us, so we created a testimonial campaign to reward our commercial brokers and borrowers for their business. We have a professional photographer visit and photograph the subject at his or her location. We’ve secured a full-page ad space in the Scotsmans Guide and feature a different broker/ borrower every month. It’s a great marketing opportunity for both the featured broker and American Life Financial. This month's featured broker is David Goldman, President of Goldman Financial Group, Los Angeles, CA.

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