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We are a LIFECO-Owned Bridge Lender Offering Fixed-Rate
Commercial Real Estate Loans from $500k - $15M.

Why American Life Financial?

When a loan isn't a fit for our platform, we give a Quick No. Loans that move into underwting typically go to loan committee in 1-3 business days. Our loan committee meets daily so that we can provide very quick turn times.

Our front-loaded underwriting process translates into term-sheets that brokers and sponsors can count on.

We don’t play the bait-and switch game with our term sheets. We research the properties thoroughly, allowing us to fund over 97% of our loans under the original terms issued. Because we loan our own money, when we issue a term sheet you can rest assured that we have the funds to make your loan.

Most loans can close within 3-4 weeks of a signed and returned term sheet. When time is of the essence, you can count on us.

Among the many things that make us unique is that we don't have prepayment penalties or interest guarantees. This makes us an ideal lender for sponsors who value our fixed-rates, but want the option to refinance without incurring additional costs.


Not So Hard Money Niche Explained

Byron Allen explains why a hard money loan is not a Not So Hard Money loan and how a NSHM loan is the best option when the bank says no. (Transcript)

Our Process

Most brokers will submit a complete loan package to our Director of Loan Originations. If you are a sponsor or own commercial real estate for your business, you can complete our quick app form and our Director of Loan origination will get back to you the same business day in most cases. You can also reach him at 877-888-0863.

We frontload our underwriting process, after 1-3 business days our underwriters will have completed their research and the loan is ready to go to loan committee. In some cases, we might need additional information and the underwriter will reach out to the point person for the loan request to get any additional information needed.

Because we know time is often of the essence, our loan committee meets daily to review loan requests. If the request is a fit for our lending platform we will issue a Conditional Loan Approval (CLA) letter that clearly spells out the terms and conditions.

Once we recieve the executed CLA and refundable loan deposit, the loan moves into the processing stage.

Once we receive the signed CLA and the deposit, we will open title, order an appraisal and property inspection, and begin preparing your loan to fund. We will keep in constant communication with you throughout the process so you know what is going on and when you can expect to close the loan. Once all of our due diligence is completed, we will schedule an appointment for you to sign the loan documents and then fund the loan 24 hours later.


Certainty of Execution

"Retrading," we don't like that word any more than you do. For sponsors and brokers alike, no other word in CRE causes more stress. We're not tied to the secondary market and you can count on us to fund on the same terms as-issued. We've gone over three years without changing terms on a loan. As with any lender, if a property's purchase price is more than the appraised value comes back for, it can issues if maximum leverage is being sought.

When we issue our term-sheets, we set aside those funds for your loan. Other bridge lenders that sell to the secondary market, or that are reliant on warehouse lines of credit have been known to over-commit and when it comes time to fund, they do not have the liquidity to fund the loan.

Thinking Out of the Box

Anthony Turdo, Chief Underwriter at American Life Financial, shares with our viewers exactly what a chief underwriter does and how important it is to the loan process. He explains how an experienced underwriter can make suggestions to the borrower to get a loan approved. (Transcript)

In YOUR corner...

  • Are you tired of the bait and switch?
    • 97% of our loans fund under the original terms given
  • Are you tired of the endless underwriting?
    • We underwrite our loans up-front before issuing our term sheet.
  • Are you tired of not funding at the last minute due to lack of funds?
    • We loan our own funds, and we reserve the money for your loan when we issue the term sheet.

Use our service to get:
  • 100+ years of combined lending experience working for you
  • Fixed, low interest rates
  • Flexible terms (2-year interest only or 5-year balloon)
  • No prepayment penalties
  • And much, much more...
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