Not So Hard Money Niche Explained

Not So Hard Money Niche Explained

Byron Allen explains why a hard money loan is not a Not So Hard Money loan and how a NSHM loan is the best option when the banks say no.

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Laura Munoz: "Today in the hot seat we have Byron Allen, president of American Life Financial. So you guys have a unique product and you call it not so hard money loan, we're gonna have to know a little bit about what that means."

Byron Allen: "Sure yeah it's unique, that's why we actually came up with that name and trademarked it quite a while ago is because we recognize that we're really in this space between more conforming conventional bank loans and more traditional hard money or private money loans. We're kind of in between there where we're less expensive than hard money rates [/] fees we’re more accommodating from a standpoint of longer term loans and compared to banks, we are more accommodating from the standpoint of we'll lend to borrowers or on properties that just don't fit the model, that they don't fit in the box that the banks have. But we can be more creative, we can look at the whole situation and say hey we think this is still a safe loan and what we'll do is we'll loan less usually, so we're more conservative on how much we’ll loan. For a lot of borrowers they don't need to they're not trying to borrow the most they just need to borrow what they need to borrow and so that works really well where we charge less than a hard money loan but we'll do the loan the bank wouldn't."

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