Non-Recourse Bad Boy Carve-Outs

Non-Recourse Bad Boy Carve-Outs

Jeremy Lewis underwriter at American Life Financial clarifies the meaning of Bad Boy Carve outs to our hostess.

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Laura Munoz: Hi I'm Laura Munoz and welcome to Let's Talk Commercial Real Estate. Today we have Jeremy Yatta Yatta Lewis, he is an underwriter at American Life Financial.

Jeremy Lewis: Thank you, yes a pleasure to be here.

Laura Munoz: It's nice to have you, well, so I've heard this term a lot people ask - something about bad-boy carve-out. What does that mean?

Jeremy Lewis: It means effectively that our loans will be non-recourse, except in the event of bad behavior on the borrower's part in terms of fraud or basically doing stuff that isn't cope aesthetic as they say. It's essentially a non-recourse loan or it is a non-recourse loan but we'll have carve-outs for, as I said basically cases where you cook the books or do some Enron esque sort of behavior that then says well gee we're going to be non-recourse but you lied to us and behaved in a way that isn't commercially reasonable and so yeah that's not gonna work.

Laura Munoz: That's not a good thing, well thank you for being here, it was a pleasure.

Jeremy Lewis: My pleasure (pause) TA-DAAA.

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