Joseph Campbell Inspector for American Life Financial

Joseph Campbell Inspector for American Life Financial

Joseph Campbell, inspector for American Life Financial explains exactly what his role entails and how his report can affect your loan.

Opening: “I’m Laura Munoz and welcome to Let’s Talk Commercial Real Estate; a newly created video blog covering topics of interest for commercial brokers and borrowers, sponsored by American Life Financial.”

Laura Munoz: “Hi I’m Laura Munoz – and welcome to Let’s Talk Commercial Real Estate. Today we have Joseph Campbell, he is the inspector for American Life Financial. Welcome Joseph.”

Joseph Campbell: “Thank you”

Laura Munoz: “It’s great to have you”

Joseph Campbell: “It’s great to be here”

Laura Munoz: “So, what does an inspector do?”

Joseph Campbell: “So my purpose-working for the company, is to inspect real estate, to make sure that we have met all of the criteria so that we can loan on the property.”

Laura Munoz: “Ok and what is it that you’re looking for?”

Joseph Campbell: “The main thing I’m most concerned about is the condition of the property. I’m also concerned about the features, whether good or bad, so we can evaluate that and make the investment committee aware of everything that’s going on with that property, so that we have a very good understanding of it.”

Laura Munoz: “And does your evaluation of the property have a final say in determining whether this is a property that you’re going to look at loaning?”

Joseph Campbell: “I’m not the final say, that’s for the investment committee to determine. But I’m to bring them all of the relevant facts.”

Laura Munoz: “Ok and are you looking for any kind of chemical issues or how does that fall into this picture?”

Joseph Campbell: “Environmental concerns are always an issue. It’s not always an issue with every property. Some properties don’t have any chemicals associated with it- like an office building would be an example. I’ve done inspections of clean rooms where there was manufacturing of chips and there was a considerable amount of very hazardous chemicals for use in those processes and what I’m looking for is to make sure that they’re stored and handled properly.”

Laura Munoz: “Okay thank you. I appreciate what you’ve shared with us today and I’m sure that the audience may have more questions so we’ll bring you back.”

Joseph Campbell: “Okay, terrific. Thank you.”

Laura Munoz: “Thank you.”

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