Calling the Plays

Calling the Plays

Scott Harmon, former lead account executive at American Life Financial, explains his role as quarterback of team ALF.

Opening: "I'm Laura Munoz and welcome to Let's Talk Commercial Real Estate a newly created video blog covering topics of interest for commercial brokers and borrowers sponsored by American Life Financial. We'll be chatting with members of the real estate community asking them questions that you use submit on social media."

Laura Munoz: "Hi I'm Laura Munoz and welcome back to let's talk commercial real estate. Today we have Scott Harmon, Scott is the lead Account Executive and at American Life Financial. Welcome Scott."

Scott Harmon: "Thank You Laura"

Laura Munoz: "We're so happy to have you."

Scott Harmon: "Thank you for having me, a pleasure to be here."

Laura Munoz: "So tell us… you're a lead Account Executive what is the typical day look like?"

Scott Harmon: "Typical day for a lead Account Executive is: it's not super exciting so I'll try to make it fun. I kind of liken myself as like the quarterback of the team you know. I like to use sports’ references in pretty much everything."

Laura Munoz: "That is fantastic."

Scott Harmon: "So you know I try to coordinate everything um the first point of contact on a phone call usually comes to me and I decide you know based on what they need, who they need to talk to sometimes it's me and usually the first thing we do is just vet the deal to make sure it's just something that we do. Does it make sense for us as an organization? As a company? And then if it does then you know I start to gather information from them, you know, find out what exactly the property is at how much money they want that's important. Does it overall fit into the parameters of what we do as a company and you can totally just try to get to know them a little bit you know to make it a real process for them make it not so business-y the main thing I want to do is I've never talked to this person let's try to create a relationship and sometimes you only have a you know 25 or 30 seconds to get that relationship started otherwise they're kind of so it's a little bit of what I do"

Laura Munoz: "Thank you for being here."

Scott Harmon: "Thank you, appreciate it."

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