A Broker’s Journey

A Broker’s Journey

David Kotter reminisces about the good ole days of his career.

Opening: "I'm Laura Munoz and welcome to Let's Talk Commercial Real Estate a newly created video blog covering topics of interest for commercial brokers and borrowers sponsored by American Life Financial. We'll be chatting with members of the real estate community asking them questions that you use submit on social media."

Laura Munoz: "Hi I'm Laura Munoz and welcome to Let's Talk Commercial Real Estate, today we have David Kotter, he is the principal at Integrity Capital in Scottsdale, Arizona. Thanks for joining us today Dave.

David Kotter: "Thank you, Laura"

Laura Munoz: "It’s so nice to have you. So, I’ve heard some really incredible things about you and your company and I’d love you to share them with our audience. You started this business fifteen years ago?"

David Kotter: "Yes, correct"

Laura Munoz: "And after just two years you started your own business?"

David Kotter: "Yeah, correct"

Laura Munoz: "That’s incredible. So tell us how you got your start and how you got into this business."

David Kotter: "Yeah, so I started with a company called Compass Capitals we were buying commercial real estate loans from banks across the country and I just didn’t like it. You know, I didn’t like that side of the business and so I told my boss I was gonna go out and start my own business and he said you’re crazy uhh good luck and that was the end of that. And so being me and a partner went out on our own, went home, picked up the yellow pages and started making phone calls so the rest is history.

Laura Munoz: "The yellow pages (laughs). Now that’s really dating yourself"

David Kotter: "(Laughs) Yeah I know, I um didn’t have the internet"

Laura Munoz: "So uh as a broker you’re kinda the middleman right?

David Kotter: "Correct, yeah"

Laura Munoz: "And how does that work?"

David Kotter: "So we act as an agent on behalf of the clients to go ahead and procure debt for them. So almost like a consultant um to help them facilitate the whole process from start to finish because that’s what we do all day and dealing with institutional lenders"

Laura Munoz: "We appreciate you being here so much. It’s wonderful having someone from the industry come in and share with us and answer some questions that a lot of our customers want to know answers to. If we had to come to have you back, would you come?"

David Kotter: "Absolutely"

Laura Munoz: "I really appreciate it, (handshake) it was so nice to meet you Dave"

David Kotter: "Thank you so much,(handshake) you as well"

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