A Borrower’s Responsibility

A Borrower’s Responsibility

David Kotter, Principal/Broker at Integrity Capital, talks the talk that most sales persons never dare utter. He contradicts the long-standing sales mantra "The customer is always right".

Opening: "I'm Laura Munoz and welcome to Let's Talk Commercial Real Estate a newly created video blog covering topics of interest for commercial brokers and borrowers sponsored by American Life Financial. We'll be chatting with members of the real estate community asking them questions that you use submit on social media."

Laura Munoz: "I'm Laura Munoz and welcome back to Let's Talk Commercial Real Estate. Now I know time is of the essence whenever somebody is looking to borrow money it time is of the essence."

David Kotter: "Sure."

Laura Munoz: "So is there some tricks or something that you guys do that’s unique that speeds up the approval process?"

David Kotter: "Yeah, I think you know, with us it's how much again going back to that expectations is it's exit educating the client upfront and letting them know that if they want to hit this goal of this timeframe these are all the things that are gonna have to take place for you to be successful. So what we try to deal with is timelines, expectations, and accountability. So we tell them this is the timeline these are all of the major hurdles through that process and so for us to get there we need you to be cooperative with us and we need the information fast. So turnaround responsiveness is also their responsibility in dealing with us to be successful as well. So again for us it's just spending the time with up that front for them to buy into our process and trust that we're gonna really help them to get to the finish line.

Laura Munoz: "So you urgent-ness back on the customer? That’s good haha."

David Kotter: "Yeah we’re high accountability."

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