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Arizona Hard Money LenderWe take the Hard out of Hard Money by offering lower interest rates, longer terms, and lower fees. If the property, borrower, or situation is "unbankable", we are your solution.

We service the Commercial and Investor Residential Real Estate  market by providing both direct lending to property owners and wholesale lending to  brokers.  Our loan guidelines are simple: Real estate in AZ, or metropolitan areas of NM, TX, NV, UT or CO, with enough property value to secure the loan, and where the borrower has the ability to repay the loan. If that is the situation, we should be able to provide a NOT SO HARD MONEYTM loan to you.

American Life Financial is a wholly owned subsidiary, and the lending arm of American Savings Life Insurance Company. Founded in 1954, American Savings Life has been providing non-conforming real estate loans for over 58 years.

"Hard Money" loans are NOT SO HARD MONEYTM with American Life Financial! Bring your funding needs to us and put NOT SO HARD MONEYTM to work for you!

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Hitching our Wagon to a Star; The Lone Star State!

by Byron Allen
According to the most recent Milken Institute Report, ‘Best-Performing Cities 2013’, Austin, TX was ranked #1 Best-Performing City in the Country.  As many of you may already be aware, we have recently expanded our lending into the Texas market.  We were pleased to see their latest report confirms our analysis that led the Company to this decision.  We anticipate that ...

Unique insights into the Phoenix AZ real estate market

by Byron Allen
A good friend of mine, Beth Jo Zeitzer, is the designated broker for ROI Properties.  (She also serves with me on the Board of Directors for The Arizona Private Lender Association.)  She was kind enough to give me permission to share some of the charts she provides in her RE market newsletters.  If you like what you see, feel free to contact Beth Jo and ask her if you can get on her...

In case you have any question about the direction Commercial Real Estate is heading…

by Byron Allen
CoStar Group produces a monthly report entitled CoStar Commercial Repeat Sales Indices (CCRSI).  It is the best broad-based (national) CRE report I know of.  The only downside is it is nationwide in scope so local investors need to recognize a local market does not move exactly in sync with the national market.  As such, national reports like these should be supplemented with local ...

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