Video Series – Let’s Talk Commercial Real Estate

A new video series dedicated to exploring and discussing topics of interest to the CRE industry. Watch interviews with brokers, underwriters, account executives, and borrowers, as they answer questions submitted by our viewers.

David Goldman – The Spectrum of Lending View Video
Will the City of Angels Keep Rising? View Video
Inspector for American Life Financial View Video
Highs and Lows of the Cannabis Market View Video
Scott Speaks on Stress View Video
Countdown Complete! View Video
What is a 1.25 Debt Service Coverage Ratio? View Video
How Hiding Profits Can Cost You Plenty View Video
Thinking Out of the Box View Video
Recourse Vs Non-Recourse View Video
A Borrower’s Responsibility View Video
Calling the Plays View Video
Reality Vs Fantasy View Video
Non-Recourse Bad Boy Carve-Outs View Video
Loan Points: The True Cost View Video
A Broker’s Journey View Video
Not So Hard Money Niche View Video
Funding Girl Saves the Day View Video
Funding is in Our DNA View Video
Introducing Funding Girl View Video
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