American Life Financial Corporation (ALF) is the lending arm of American Savings Life Insurance Company, which has been making Not So Hard Money® loans in Arizona for over 65 years. Our Not So Hard Money® loans fill a niche for investors who meet three criteria:

  1. The property owner or the property does not qualify for conforming bank financing
  2. A loan for about 55% or less of the property’s current market value (or recent purchase price) is sufficient
  3. The borrower doesn’t want to pay full hard money rates and fees and/or the borrower wants a longer-term loan than is typically available with hard money loans

Our most popular loan program is our Classic program. Our programs offer Amortizing or Interest Only payments, 2, 5, 10, and even 15 year terms, and good flexibility of loan amounts based on Loan-To-Value or Loan-To-Cost. We lend on almost every type of Commercial, Industrial, and Investment Residential real estate type in our lending areas. We now fund loans in the 12 western states.

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